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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  July 27, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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starting at $70 dollars. it's a network of possibilities -- helping you do what you do... even better. bay area moose coverage starts -- news coverage starts right now. developing news, a high- speed chase through the bay area ends within the hour with a murder suspected under arrest. good evening, everyone. >> we start with developing news. the arrest of at least one man wanted by east poll la alto police for homicides -- palo alto. the suspect led police on a
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high-speed chase to the central valley. it ended south of stockton where highway 120 branches off from interstate 5. hour camera ---- our camera caught the chase. more than a dozen police and highway patrol cars can be seen on this traffic camera pursuing the suspect. two people are arrested at the scene. the highway patrol told us one of the men is wanted for five homicides out of east palo alto but the officer we talked with was unable to provide anymore details. the chase stretched about 100 miles. no one was hurt. missing for two months. tonight the family of the nursing student held a rally and vigil as they press ahead for their search for answers. we are live now with the story. >> reporter: this is a family that refuses to give up.
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at the event here at the park, her cousin tearfully said they will continue to search for michelle for years if that's what it takes. >> we love michelle. bring her home. >> reporter: family, friends and even strangers walked tonight to the last place she was seen alive, the hospital in hayward. it has been an emotional two months since she disappeared, but through it all her family has stayed positive. >> hope never gives up on us, we give it on it. stay strong with us. >> reporter: investigators say on may 27th. she went to the parking lot and then disappeared. her car was found a few blocks away. police say there is evidence this is a homicide. officials tonight say they are making progress in the case. >> there is going to come a time when we will be able to identify our suspect or
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suspects. >> reporter: still the family is focused 0en bringing -- focused on bringing michelle home. >> it's great that the community is on our side because we won't be able to do anything without the effort of everyone. >> reporter: the hay ward father has never met michelle and has participated now in three searches. >> we are here to support the family and we want to bring michelle home. >> reporter: the family is spreading word about the disappearance far beyond the bay area. this flare was recently handed out in san francisco, but it will next be seen by performance goers in vancouver. the family hopes information and the $100,000 reward will help solve this case. reporting live tonight. an accident at san quentin prison sent an inever ---- an inmate to the hospital tonight
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with life-threatening injuries. >> as the truck was backing in, somehow he became wedged between the truck and the ramp. >> he was working on this loading ramp today when he was crushed between a delivery truck and the ramp. the 34-year-old out of san francisco was helped by inmate firefighters. >> we got him stablized then we started cpr,. >> we got to the point where we got a pulse and seen his chest rise and fall. >> we are told the driver works for the stockton company and has a good driving record. a bicycle thief was stopped cold. amber is live in the city now with video that captured the crime and the crime stopper. >> reporter: the bicycle was stolen from this wreck in plain sight of an employee looking out this window. and the whole thing was captured by this security
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camera mounted on that column. the sales video shows a man -- surveillance video shows a man dressed like a tourist. his back is to the camera but it appears he takes something out of his bag. an office worker told us she looked out the window and saw him. >> he took out these like huge cable cutters like out of his backpack and broke the lock on the bike. >> reporter: she alerted her coworker who ran out the front door to confront the thief. she asked us not to show her face. >> we've had bikes stolen here before and all i could think about was not this time. >> the man fumbles with the bike. that helped her put the brake on a the thief. >> i put my leg right in front of his tire and then i could actually grab ahold of his handle bars. >> reporter: she says the man kept saying he was sorry as he
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walked away. a security guard tried to stop him but the man pulled out a knife and escaped. >> would you do it all over again? >> yeah, absolutely. >> i hugged her when she came back. >> reporter: they say that's a victory hug. police haven't located the thief yet but they have something that belongs to him. police have confiscated his own bike. amber, channel 2 news. a federal jury convicted a former police officer today of 12 felony charges of giving law enforcement information to a hell's angel gang member. he could face up to 20 years in prison. they say he traded dmv records to the live oak chapter to pay off a debt. the 37-year-old was arrested last year with anabolic
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steroids, a gun and $40,000 in cash. a man suspected in three different killings is awaiting extradition tonight. an oregon state police s.w.a.t. team arrested johnathan walker last night after being tipped off biovar low -- by vallejo police. he is also suspected in a january shooting that left one man dead at party in san francisco. in washington d.c. c ---- the clock is ticking. some democrats are urging president obama to raise the limit through an executive order. the white house says that's off the table and congress needs to send him a bill. the white house maintains if the debt ceiling isn't raised by august #, the federal government won't be able to pay some of its bills. >> that deadline is hard and fast.
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people keep looking for off ramps. they don't exist. >> activists were outside the capitol today. president obama has threatened to veto it. the asian stock markets are falling at this hour after fears of default finally caught up with the u.s. stock markets. the dow industrialless plummeted today falling almost 200 points. the nasdaq dropped 75 points. for everyone stock that posted a gain, 11 stocks declined. >> wall street is saying get something done. make it conclusive, make it a viable plan. >> a veteran trader told us he expects more downward movement until congress reaches a deal. the dow has now declined in four consecutive sessions. the volatility index is up 15%
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this week. did you know kin donuts -- they raised $423 million today with its ipo. the company plans to use the money to pay down its debt so it can expand. shares closed up 47% at 27.85. the parent company also owns the bass kin robins ice cream chain. several families in the south bay hit the lottery tonight. the families just found out they will be able to buy million dollar homes for half the price. >> this is one of the prizes, a brand-new single family detached five bedroom house in sunnyvale. the comparables around it are worth a million dollars and up. the house is selling for just under $470,000. >> 19 people had lottery tickets tonight. it was a chance at buying one
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of five brand-new homes at below market rates. >> maybe more this time. >> sunnyvale that 12 1/2% of all new housing developments must be sold at below market rates. to qualify, entrants had to be first time buyers and meet certain household income levels. with the spin of a wheel -- >> the first ticket is 136626. >> the winner was a single mother who works as a software engineer. >> i just went through a long divorce and i'm a single parent now and i want to do better for my kids. >> another lottery winner, a family of four currently living in a two-bedroom rental. >> i can get my own room. >> the first lottery winner tonight showed us a three life
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bedroom house -- three-bedroom how is she won the right to buy for just under $434,000. the same model across the street sold for $900,000. she says she now has a chance at the american dream. >> i was unemployed for a year and a half and i never knew when that dream would come true, but i'm glad i have this opportunity to give to my kids. >> and, again, that was lloyd reporting. i'm back here in about 10 minutes. we're going to have your forecast and it calls for an increase in your daytime temperatures. i will tell you which will be the warmest. alex trebek on crutches. the bizarre incident in san francisco that left him injured. th
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>> what was supposed to be a block party turned into chaos this evening in los angeles. it was thrown outside the premier of a motor vehicley about the -- out of a movie. hundreds of people showed up. police ordered the crowd to disperse but many refused to leave. some people jumped on police cars and officers respond by shooting them with bean bags.
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the host of the television game show jeopardy chased down a burglar who entered his hotel room in the middle of the night. >> let's go into the jeopardy round and we will start finding out. >> he's known forgiving his guests the answers for taking the questions. alex trebek raised a flurry of questions. appearing on crutches, trebek said he tore his muscle chasing a burglar out of his san francisco hotel at about 2:30 tuesday morning. >> the victim woke up and noticed the shadow in the room. one of the victims did give chase to the suspect and the suspect was caught by the security in the hotel. >> that suspect is identified as 56-year-old lucinda moyers of san francisco.
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it's unclear how she entered the room. most of the items taken were recovered near a hotel ice machine. >> purses, jewelry, things like that. those items were recovered. i believe cash was not recovered. >> a marriott marquis spokeswoman issued a statement this afternoon: we can confirm that a woman was apparent re- ended and arrested -- apprehended and arrested. due to guest privacy we cannot provided details regarding the guests involved. >> reporter: they say moyers could have a hearing on those felony charges tomorrow afternoon. and alex trebek is scheduled for surgery on friday. he's expected to be in a cast for about six weeks. san francisco police are asking for help to find a womb bank robber who -- woman bank robber who they say hit the same bank wise in the last
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couple weeks. police say the robber pulled a gun on the teller and demanded money. she's also suspected of holding up the same credit union on july 15th. the robber is described as a black woman in her 30s and weighing about 200 pounds. anyone with information is asked to call san francisco police. the san francisco da says no charges will be filed against two men arrested in connection with a shooting in which a stray bullet struck an 11-year-old girl in the chest. the da says there is insufficient evidence. police say they believe the 19- year-old, lose rust thomas and 20-year-old tom mitchell took -- family members say the girl is expected to recover. the mother of a young woman whose body was dumped and burned in oakland earlier this month is telling her story to at-risk kids hoping to prevent
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similar violence. we are live with her emotional plea. >> reporter: part of that plea was simply to value life. we met her a few hours ago here at the ymca. she has no trouble getting her message across to a large group of kids who have seen violence already in their neighborhoods. >> in spanish, maria spoke to more than 30 people, mostly teenagers, at this ymca in oakland about what happened to her daughter just two weeks ago. two men killed the 21-year-old before dumping and burning her body in north oakland. >> i want the violence to stop. she says it's why she agreed to talk to this group, part of something called the homeys empowerment program for teens affected by gangs. >> she wants to tell all you young people to really value your life.
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>> it's something so important to see people unified of different races, coming together for one family. >> reporter: they say hearing from this mother who is still grieving had an impact. >> hearing from her, listen to your parents, be obedient. >> in the little bit of english. she said, i need so much help. >> she fled war said speaking to these young people helped her, too. she says she will be in court to face one of the men charged with her daughter's murder for the first time. we are live here in oakland. also, new at 10:00, a poll shows that since a devastating earthquake in japan, fewer californians favor building nuclear plants. it found only 30% of
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californians support building more nuclear plants. when asked the same question last year, that number was 44%. they are divided about drilling for oil off the coast of california. 46% of californians favor it while 49% are against it. more than half inland county residents support more drilling. much stricter fuel standards for cars and light trucks could be on the way. cars would need to achieve 56.2 miles per gallon. president obama is planning to announce the standards friday. light trucks would noticed to get 54 1/2 miles per gallon by 2025. a major rehab project at an affordable housing project in san francisco. the san francisco redevelopment agency just completed the work on the martin luther king apartment complex. the work included two no play
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grounds, a new laundry building and a community center. they also up graded security features. one long time resident said before those renovations the roof leaked, the walls had holes and much of the complex was in disrepair. as we mentioned yesterday, subtle changes in your forecast. it was just a little bit warmer today. these were the highs. low 90s, one of the warmer days we've seen. temperatures on the increase tomorrow. look for the high to go into the mid-80s even some more low 90s. last few mornings we've had a little bit of drizzle in the coastal hills, a little bit toward san francisco. hats the early morning hours. as you go through the bay area tomorrow, low 60s, fog. mostly sunny by 10 or 11:00,
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out towards -- numbers coming up now. this is what you expect this time of year. more upper 80s, more lower 90s. 10:45, this is a broad brush. i will get more specific where you live. i will see you back here. san francisco police seized 10 new iphones during an arrest today. police say they couldn't immediately prove if the phones were actually stolen so they plan to check the serial numbers. five men were let go after being briefly detained. hundreds of trees on the chopping block. why cutting them down is welcome news. this ru
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a train derailment forced the evacuation of several homes. in the town of little rock. union pacific says none of the cars were carrying hazardous material. the evacuations are mandated until the scene has been assessed. cal osha is investigating about whether employees followed safety regulations when that massive fire erupted fairfield. the smoke hey not have been -- may not have been as harmful as originally feared. the plastic did not contain color even or nitrogen that can contain talksics compounds. >> i got a little dizzy and my
11:55 pm
chest was like congested. >> reporter: they say the appear -- they say the fire appears to have been caused by an employee. k tv u has been telling you about sudden oak death ever since it was first found here almost 20 years ago. tonight, the latest strategy to try and find that disease. >> reporter: crews are cutting down trees to save oak trees in the santa cruz mountains. they are chopping down 250 bay trees at skyline ridge to slow down sudden oak death, a disease that has killed thousands of oaks. >> they are very important. they add so much to the am byians here. unfortunately we have had to get rid of a few trees because
11:56 pm
they have been buying. >> reporter: they say bay trees collect the spores of sudden oak death but wind spreads it. >> the research has shown that there are no -- 15 feet it has less of a chance of getting the disease. >> the long-term forecast is still somewhat gloomy. some experts say if operations such at this one aren't successful, california could lose 90% of their oaks within 25 years. >> there's part of me that says this will never go away. >> they are expiermenting with a new spray but acknowledge there is no cure for this disease. concord's new daytime curfew ordinance is said to fay effect in 30 days -- take effect in 30 days.
11:57 pm
the curfew only applies to public school students during school hours. parents could be fined $500 if their children are repeat offenders. the concord city council is hoping that law will help prevent crime and help keep kids in school. they are victims of sex trafficking. finding freedom from their past. and they dart across the bridge, then do [ female announcer ] what's so great about jcp cash? no exclusions! with jcp cash, earn ten dollars off when you spend just twenty-five storewide. and unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get ten dollars off with no exclusions! we make style affordable, you make it yours! jcpenney.
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a broadband solution to handle data and a mobility app to stay connected with their business. so they can run the office... even when they're not in the office. call at&t and see what we can do for you. with unlimited voice plus broadband, starting at $70 dollars. it's a network of possibilities -- helping you do what you do... even better. no exclusions! with jcp cash, earn ten dollars off when you spend just twenty-five storewide. and unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get ten dollars off with no exclusions! we make style affordable, you make it yours! jcpenney. we talk with girls being trafficked for sex, some right here in the bay area. they are all now living at a special place called "new day for children." rita is the first reporter
12:00 am
allowed inside. because of security issues, we agreed not to name the people involved or disclose where it is located. >> reporter: the dawning of a new day. full of hope and promise, these girls still children, yet their innocence lost. >> here to heal their hearts, their minds, their souls. this special place is called "new day." it's in a remote unparked location far from the life that brought the girls here -- unmarked. >> i was always a really good girl, raised in a very stable middle class home. >> when she was 15, her boyfriend took her to a incorporate -- party, used drugs and left her. >> i was dragged to a back bedroom and raped and he threw money at me affidavits.
12:01 am
>> she -- afterwards. >> she started moving drugs to forget. after two months of would -- away -- threatened to harm her family. >> i can't do it. he said yes, you can, just go out and walk. he was getting annoyed and i didn't want him to get mad so i just went out and walked around and stuff happened. it doesn't matter, it doesn't hurt after the first time because that part of you died. >> two months later she learned from police, he was twice her age, was married in prison but was no place for her to go. >> i was sent to a mental hospital. >> then a month later, sent here. >> they found this place and this program for girls that are just like me and it was perfect. >> reporter: it's one of only three residential programs in the country, about 100 beds
12:02 am
nationwide for what some estimate could be as many as 300,000 underaged girls, some as young as 10 victims of sex trafficking. >> they are making 300,000 dollars per girl per year tax- free. these girls get nothing. >> reporter: there is more room obviously for more girls. the only limitation is money. $36,000 per year for each girl all donated. >> there were 11 girls living here when we visited. this girl was 14 when she met an 18-year-old man on my space. their relationship turned violent and he put her on the vegas strip. >> he would put me out there like 9:00 and not pick me up until the next morning. >> they say i'm a troublemaker and saying i'm going down to wrong path. >> this is for you. >> that's why most girls cannot recover in a disfunctional family or foster home that made
12:03 am
them vulnerable to begin with. >> we've created real life in a very healthy bubble. >> here with loaf and counseling with no computer or cell phones, they are not judged, not embarrassed, finding their voices. >> freedom. >> singing about freedom or giving it. >> jump away, go little frog. >> they go to bed at night alone, safe. some will make it, some are due ---- too damaged. but here at least they have a new chance. a new day. new day for children was started about i a church in oak -- by a church in oakland and it is funded solely by private donations. if you want to help, you can go to the web link section. in norway today, police destroyed a cash of explosives.
12:04 am
>> norwegian officials would not discuss the quantities of what was found. the attacks killed 76 people. only 17 victims have been identified so far. the youngest of those had turned 14 just five days before she was killed. federal prosecutors filed papers today in response to barry bonds' request to have his guilty verdict tossed out. last month, lawyers filed papers saying the con ---- conviction should be set aside. they wrote "unauthorized ram blink is not a federal crime." they say this was am bell evidence against -- am bell
12:05 am
evidence dozens bond. an acceptable level for the carcinogen -- the state environmental protection agency said today that level should be .02 parts per billion. in 2009, a study carried out by the environmental working group found san jose water tested nearly 70 times higher than that for chromeium. they can now move forward to develop standards for the chemical. lake tahoe is almost full thanks to a winter of rain and snowfall. it stands just 8 inches below its limit. it's the 6th highest level ever recorded. the high-water mark means that some beaches have lost 40 feet of shore line. a major set back today for a ballot measure to ban male circumcision in san francisco. she says only the state can regulate medical procedures.
12:06 am
the measure also faces court challenges because it doesn't allow exemptions. 80 miles an hour for nearly 100 miles. an update on that high-speed pursuit and how officers finally slowed that suspect down. i'm back here in less than ten minutes. i will have your thursday forecast. we will take a look at your city and show you how warm it will be for your thursday afternoon. a big surprise at an east bay anim
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announcer: when you earn your ged diploma, the barriers in your life fall. earn your ged diploma and begin your brighter future. cat, voice-over: you locate your nearest shelter, you go down there, and you pick out the perfect match for you. me. an update now on the developing news we brought you earlier this this newscast of the two men are now in custody
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and heading back to the bay area after leading police on a high-speed chase tonight from san mateo county to alameda county to san joaquin county. one of the men is wanted for five homicides. we've also been told that some of the killings occurred in east palo alto. they deployed spike strips to finally slow down the mercedes. on monday of this week, police announced they were seeking a 19-year-old and a 24-year-old for two killings in their city and for a violent crime spree in colorado. we are awaiting confirmation if the men arrested tonight are the ones wanted in that case. some passengers are now enentitled to a refund. the irs is asking airlines to repay travelers who purchased
12:10 am
tickets ahead. those who don't get paid by the airlines can submit claims to the irs. those eligible would have bought tickets for travel on or after july 23rd. five continental flights seem to have been affected by a sickout of pilots. it had to cancel 24 flights nationwide after pilots called in sick. continental was purchased by united airlines last year. some unions have been at odds with the company as it tries to consolidate the two airlines. publisher redman says the -- weekly has been forced to cut back. the guardian sued the competitive -- by trying to ruin the guardian. they recently settled. in south korea, rising floodwaters claim the lives of at least 39 people and
12:11 am
triggered dramatic rescues such as this one. a landslide crushed a hotel killing at least 13 people, most of them students. forecasters say more heavy rain is likely in the coupling days. in afghanistan, another high profile association of one of the president's allies. a witness told reporters the a sass ---- this is the third ally to be killed in a little more than two weeks. some good news tonight about some last minute help following a story that we first reported today. it's a no-kill facility but donations have fallen by a third. the shelter was just a month away from closing its day. a viewer heard that story and
12:12 am
placed a call. >> oh, my gosh, are you kidding me? >> : a woman remaining anonymous is donating $125,000 to us. >> shelter officials say the joan rust donation -- generous donation will keep the doors open. she's been miles from sea for weeks. what's being done to try to cokes a gray turn left. you have arrived. sweet belt. e-reader for textbooks. gps. hd video cam for lectures. game pad. have you ever considered this ? it's got all that and more than 200,000 apps. technology to learn and play on-the-go. only at verizon.
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. >> a lot of whale has become quite a spectacle.
12:15 am
why the community hope that she leaves and soon. >> reporter: she swims in circles and then goes back. the crowds follow, darting across highway 101. as she does it over and over again. >> looking like that, looking down. >> the 45-foot long whale entered the river about a month ago with her calf. they were together until the calf swam the 3 miles back to sea. >> she will have the salt water again for her skin. >> reporter: he's the fisheries manager. he says the mother whale's condition, according to scientists, appears good for now. >> : the obvious concern here is that the whale does not have enough food to eat. the scientists have seen her exhibiting feeding behavior but there is not enough food here
12:16 am
to survive. >> the river here is deep. but the water level will drop as summer goes on raising concerns she could get trapped. >> there is that concern. we don't know. this isn't an issue we face very often. >> reporter: scientists hope she will decide to leave on her own, a hope shared by the people from above. on the san mateo coast, an apparent mountain lion attack prompted no more hiking for their young campers. seven sheep and goats were found dead apparently killed by a mountain lion in the last two days just outside half moon bay. the animals are part of the livestock program. thousands of people in the area received an alert about the attacks but one mother at the camp took the news in stride. >> i didn't want to scare my kids, but it happens every
12:17 am
year. you have to be alert and know how to react if you see one. >> the sheriffs have logged 28 reported sightings so far this year. they remind people that attacks on humans are extremely rare. they have arrested a suspect accused of stealing a car full of memorabilia. they received a lot of tips, police say they arrested aaron taylor good at a motel 6 in walnut creek. they say they recovered many of the balls autographed by mccovey. like so many musicians before her, the death of i'my wine house is causing a surge of sales in her music. >> it sold nearly 100,000 copies since she was found dead
12:18 am
in her london home. the london coroner says it will be some time until the exact cause of death is determined. and as you would expect, the fog back in at the coast but it's not pushing out over the bay yet. it's trying to but right now i've got fog right at the coast. it's ringing the coast line. it's getting a little warmer during the day and that's why we're not going to see a huge inland push tonight, because the fog is getting trapped behind a lot of those coastal hills. there will be fog in many of the neighborhoods tomorrow morning. these are the under can temperatures outside. it's kind of mild and warm in places like in san rafael and san jose. but as we go through the night, the fog rolls back in. it will be about where it was this morning. there was a bit of it but then it burned back rapidly. temperatures today were suddenly warmer. temperatures tomorrow will
12:19 am
follow suit. a couple of degrees warmer but just real subtle changes right into the bay area weekend, so this is how it's been and this is how it's going to stay right through the weekend. you're going to have fog nights and mornings, then you will find temperatures like these in the overnight hours mostly in the mid-50s. antioch, a very pleasant weather forecast coming up. nothing extreme. this is the forecast model for fog. you can see the footprint trying to get up there to black point. san jose, santa rosa, napa, you're pretty clear. you know how it goes, right. you start off clear, the sun is going to beat down this time of year we have a high sun angle. we will see temperatures increase. as a matter of fact, downtown san jose tomorrow, down around the concrete down there, you know how warm it can get, it's going to go up towards 87
12:20 am
degrees. air quality, there is no heat advisory, but that is going to feel hot, 87 degrees. that's going to feel about 95 degrees. you get the picture. it's going to be a warm day tomorrow, high pressure building in. some tropical moisture coming up from this high pressure there. could pop a few thundershowers out towards the lake tahoe area on friday. that's about it. no real big change. that's fine. your bay area weekend is in view. it's a beautiful week and it stays that way. it cools off a little bit next week but this is an interesting pattern in that it's not really doing anything. >> it's been a nice week, though. >> beautiful. mark -- or bill? thanks, bill. the countdown to the olympic summer games
12:21 am
12:22 am
12:23 am
12:24 am
newt -- not too early for londoners to celebrate the 2012 olympics. the one year mark before the games be begin. it wasn't just for the british fans, london just finished work on its 80,000- feet stadium. san francisco giants fans celebrating as well. >> i think so. they have to be pretty happy about a deal. with the giants as a team, there is no such thing as a curby win. but in an effort to taking a game or two without everyone chewing their finger nails down
12:25 am
to the number, they acquire a hitter. the price is pretty steep, sending zach wheeler to the mets and getting beltran. he's said to be completely healthy. he will join the giants on friday night. it was an -- matt cain working with the usual slimmest of margins and getting some offensive help from aaron rowand in the third. hammels turns into an rbi triple with white-side beating the throw to the plate. schierholtz can't make the diving play. in comes the run, a double for schierholtz, a little bit of baseball, matt cain and
12:26 am
whiteside cannot decide whose got it. it falls and it leads directly to an unearned run but that is all. philadelphia was to get two in the final. the beard was save number 32. hey, all of a sudden, the a's can hit. i wouldn't go all bash brothers quite yet but it's a lot more entertaining than the first half of this year. they have grown to the stadium it seems. it's a nine-run 4th. sizemore made a play at third base. off shields -- they left him in for all nine of those runs. this will leave the yard by plenty. he was 3-5, with five rbis and it does continue. sweeney, get this, hasn't homered since may have 2010. he hits a two-run shot. 13-4, the final. having fun out there.
12:27 am
lott in all -- lost in all the hitting, trevor cahill. nearly buried under the avalanche of baseball and football news today, a no- hitter goes almost unnoticed, santana taking good care. 3-1 angels, as you see the final out, the first complete game no hitter by an angel pitcher since 1984. not everyone is ready for some football, namely frank gore says he has no intention of reporting to the niners until he gets a contract extension. the raiders get busy in napa but -- gallery will rejoin tom cable up in seattle, the free agent free for all is on big time. lots of signings to come in the next few days, but that's the sporting life for a wednesday
12:28 am
night. >> only wednesday? and a flurry of activity. >> football fans of loving this. be sure to join the morning news because at 4:30, they will be updating the chase and
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